FAQ #Fukorona Event

1 - Nani ?! What is this ?

#Fukorona is a week long charity event created to help during the coronavirus outbreak. the mantra is “ Unity is strength “.

We teamed up with the French Fondation Institut Pasteur to create an exclusive temporary shop to raise funds to help people. A good opportunity to get Limited edition Posters from your favorite artists for a fundraising movement.


2 - What is the shop about ?

We’ve teamed up with famous artists all around the world for this event. Each artist will create an artwork based on the theme “Unity is strength”. Each artwork will be available on the shop and only on the shop.

Once you’ve bought it, you just have to register your address/infos and after the event, your artwork will be shipped at your Post Address = a A3 Size (297 x 420 mm / 11,7 x 16,5 po) of the Artwork of your choice !


3 - How long can I order ?

Only 1 week from April the 3rd to April the 30th.

Little Tip : The sooner, the better ;)


4 - When do I get my order ?

We will manage and deliver the orders at the end of the Event. Because of the actual situation, there could be a large delay to get your poster(s).

We will do our best to deliver it as fast as we can !


5 - How is spent my money?

On a purchase of 25€ VAT excluded

  • 10.42€ goes to Institut Pasteur
  • 10.42€  goes to the artist
  • 4.16€ goes to the team to manage everything (run website/logistics and security, fees, legal, communication...)


6 - What if I want 4 or more artworks ?

Don’t worry, everything is fine, you’ll get them together in the same delivery package ! (Or not if you order more than 8000 maybe a big box…)


7 - Okay but who are you ?

We are Masterconv, a small and freshly born company in France who works on exhibitions and teamed up with various artists, with the epidemic crisis that the world is now facing, we decided to create the only event that can’t be cancelled !


8 - Do you close the shop after the Event? What's happening after?

Yes, we will turn off the shop after the event but don't worry, we are Masterconv, a french company and even at the end of the timelaps (April the 30) we will continue to look after your orders, emails or phone calls.

There is our contact email address : contact@masterconv.com 


9 - Cool ! How can I do more ?

Thanks a lot for your interest first ! Then share this event, wear the profile picture filter on Facebook and talk about it ! Invite your friend to join this adventure on this world demonstration of Unity is Strength. Spread this, spread this kind of good news !

And if you want to support even more you can donate to the Institut Pasteur via the button on the website, every donation goes 100% to it.


10 - I really want this piece of art but the event is over ? What can I do ?

Sadly, nothing. You can team up with other to make sure to have a piece of art at the end and have a group package but sadly once it’s over, it’s over !


Take care of your family and friends. Stay safe home.

The whole Fukorona Team

#Covid19 #Stayhome